Building Racial Equity in the Arts through Dance

BREAD is a program that allows us to understand our history and culture, as a dance community and as part of a larger world. We give participants tools to confront their biases and deconstruct racism in the world around them. Join us for our next cohort.
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One of the ways ClancyWorks Dance Company has created such unique, dynamic performances is through partnering. In this photo, Adrienne Clancy and Lewis Cooke push boundaries to make magic. Check out our performances today.
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The Dance Educators Training Institute

DETI has existed for 16 years and we have no reason to quit now. We continue to offer workshops that enlighten, teach and build a community of dancers. Join us for our next session.
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This performance highlights ClancyWorks' trademark of architectural partnering and working with unique sets as a metaphor for the building of relationships.
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Seniors Organize with the Arts to Rejuvenate

We rise high as we work with seniors in our SOAR Program. This program brings individuals who are 55 and older an unforgettable dance experience.
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    ClancyWorks Dance Company is a contemporary modern dance company that shifts perceptions through performance!

    Our choreographies are powerful, physically challenging and provocative while sensitively human and thoughtfully emotional. Through its many performances, ClancyWorks Dance Company explores human relationships, relevant social issues, cultural identity, and communication patterns within unique partnering and dynamic movement based on architectural constructs, physicality and empowering imagery.

    Our Repertory is available for theatrical presentations, festivals, university and collegiate residencies, school assemblies, and events.

    If you’re interested in auditioning to dance with ClancyWorks, please contact with a resume and cover letter, and include “Audition” in the subject line.

    NOTE: We are always interested in meeting great dancers and future auditionees. Even if you’re not able to join our company in the current season, please do let us know you’re interested and feel free to attend our upcoming auditions and/or events should schedule & space permit.

    Arts in Education

    At the heart of the unique and dynamic partnering work inherent in our repertory and performances is an underlying message of teamwork, trust and collaboration. These are just a few of the vitally important values that we incorporate as lessons for students from kindergarten through high school (K-12) in our highly successful and inspiring Arts in Education (AIE) afterschool, residency and assembly programs.

    Community Engagement

    At ClancyWorks we bring our unique technique classes and partnering experiences to our community. This includes open dance classes and workshops as well as programs at senior centers and more. Join us for an exciting, stimulating, and dynamic dance experience!

    ClancyWorks Dance Company reaches thousands of people of all ages and backgrounds, bringing high-quality dance performances and programs to the DC metropolitan area.

    Interested in Partnering?

    Professional Development

    We believe that significant growth and change takes place when people are passionate and engaged in their own artistic and professional development. ClancyWorks is dedicated to helping professionals acquire new pedagogical and work strategies, develop new tools and techniques through movement and dance, and stimulate creative ideas and practices. In each professional development workshop, we include our core principles of teamwork through collaboration, increasing cultural awareness, building community and mutual trust, and shifting perceptions through dance.

    Our professional development courses can be tailored for the following communities and groups:

    DETI is just right for all dance educators, including public school teachers. Join us for a summer dance education experience like no other!

    Through intensive workshops, BREA gives participants tools to confront their biases and deconstruct racism in the world around them through dance. Find out more today!

    Partner with us to develop specialized events using dance and movement to address issues facing your organization.

    Regardless of movement ability, training, or background, we create effective workshop experiences for any and all populations. Contact us today to discuss your needs.



    We host classes, workshops, and community events to help everyone get moving and shift perceptions through dance!

    ClancyWorks prides itself on our professionalism in performance, executing physically demanding and visually stunning moves with excellence. We bring that same dedication to excellence to our high-quality teaching for dance students of all levels and offer classes and workshops in a variety of dance styles. Some include Hip hop, Contemporary Modern, Improvisation, Step, Jazz, Partnering, and Latin Dance Forms.

    Get Involved

    Looking for ways to get involved with ClancyWorks Dance Company? We have opportunities for volunteering, internships, and jobs.

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