Welcome to ClancyWorks Dance Company, founded by Artistic Director Adrienne Clancy in 2001.

We help enhance the quality of life for people, using the arts as a way to develop mutual understanding and to advance positive social action. We do this through four program areas:

  • Performance
  • Arts In Education
  • Community Engagement
  • Professional Development

Our principles of partnerships and collaborative practices are woven through each of our programs. We are particularly known for our exploration of what we call “architecturally informed partnering work.”

What is architecturally informed partnering work? It’s a unique way of bringing people together within dance, not only as an aesthetic statement, but also as a source of powerful images that embrace diversity and exemplify trust. We are passionate about our efforts to combine physically demanding and powerful movement with the sensitive portrayal of cultural nuances and personal emotions.

The ClancyWorks Dance Company MISSION STATEMENT is to:


The public’s appetite and understanding of the arts by offering high quality dance performances and educational programs.


The relevance of dance in people’s lives by demonstrating that creative movement can also be used to solve conflicts, develop community cohesion, improve academic achievement and promote civic responsibility.


Leadership abilities, skills and artistic excellence in emerging skills.

About Us

ClancyWorks Dance Company is a collective of performing artists directed by Adrienne Clancy. The members of our company have more than 80 years of dance and choreographic experiences. Together we held major choreographic, performance and administrative positions in numerous nationally recognized companies, festivals and universities. We produce choreography that is physically demanding, powerful, evocative and ultimately profoundly human.

In our dancing we lift, press, roll, leap, climb, resist, surrender, stack and build, using our bodies to construct poignant images that can shift perceptions of self and society. Our company offers this unique approach to choreography through Clancy’s creative process, which involves architecturally informed partnering work developed from the contributions of a diverse group of dancers.

Clancy conceives and formulates choreographic structures and challenges for the company members to solve. The company members offer movement contributions and ideas to help build the work to a larger and more expansive idea. Clancy then molds the work into a cohesive thought, that incorporates and blends the ideas of the dancers in a manner that highlights their voice, but is also in keeping the ClancyWorks aesthetic practice that we call: “architectural partnering.”

ClancyWorks has successfully completed over 300 residencies around the country structured in a variety of formats to address the specific needs of participating communities.

Through our performances, ClancyWorks explores human relationships, social issues, cultural identity, and communication patterns within unique partnering and dynamic movement based on architectural constructs and physicality and empowering imagery.

Dance is for everyone!

That’s what we believe at ClancyWorks. We bring our unique style of technique classes as well as partnering experiences to our community, including open dance classes and workshops as well as programs at senior centers and more.

Our Arts In Education programs are based on the acronym ASPIRE which encourages students to:

  • Acquire Knowledge
  • Solve Conflicts
  • Partner to accomplish greater goals
  • Improve academic achievement
  • Respect self, others, and the environment
  • Embrace community and diversity

We believe that significant growth and change takes place when people are passionate and engaged in their own artistic and professional development.

Wondering how you can help?

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