ClancyWorks is dedicated to helping professionals acquire new pedagogical and work strategies, develop new techniques through movement and dance, and stimulate creative ideas and practices. In each professional development workshop, we include our core principles of increasing cultural awareness, building community and mutual trust, and shifting perceptions through dance.


What is Building Racial Equity in the Arts through Dance?

BREAD is an annual participatory program for the dance community designed to help participants understand their history and culture as dancers and as part of a larger world. In the practice of bridging the generational wealth gap among cultures, BREAD provides participants with practical skills like financial literacy and tools for deconstructing racism in the world around them. These themes are facilitated through dance and cultural movement. ClancyWorks holds ourself to the ideal of welcoming people from all backgrounds, which we achieve only by constantly questioning our own biases and prioritizing continued accountability. We work with our BREAD Advisory Committee—known as BREAD Bakers—to produce this innovative program each year.

What Can You Expect?

Join us to dance away your budget blues! For the fourth iteration of our BREAD program, ClancyWorks will host a one-day collaborative workshop on December 9, 2023, called Rollin’ in the Dough: Money, Movement & Racial Equity. Developed in collaboration with Tierra Bonds of Take Charge Credit Consulting, this workshop will specifically cover tax and accounting practices for performing artists. Throughout the workshop, Devon “Steel Toe” Wallace will lead dance breaks tailored to the discussed topics.

As we finalize discussion topics for this year’s event, now is the time to send us your suggestions and feedback via the button below. We look forward to hearing from you! And, register here through Eventbrite for December 9th “Easy Accounting for Artists” BREAD event.

  • A virtual space for participants to connect with like-minded individuals through meaningful conversations about racial equity and justice. 
  • An exploration of the intersection between dance and racial equity and justice.
  • Space to analyze, design, develop and implement an independent study project that supports racial equity and justice within participants’ communities.
  • An opportunity to present racial equity challenges within participants’ communities and engage in a feedback process.
  • To uplift and create a space for artists/educators/students interested in exploring a deeper understanding of existing racial equity work in the dance world.
  • To promote a sharing of ideas and concepts through dance and dialogues about racial equity and justice.
  • To engage and execute intentional actions that transform a wide range of dance communities through racial equity and justice work.
  • Engage participants at the level of their racial equity and justice work experience.
  • Introduce and review core concepts of racial equity and justice work and its impact on the dance community.
  • Bridge the gap between those beginning their racial justice journey and seasoned advocates for racial justice.
  • Create meaningful changes in the dance communities that align with racial equity and justice work.
  • Uplift previous and current work performed by BREAD Bakers, facilitators, and participants.
  • Engage in meaningful racial justice discussion within the dance communities.
  • Support and promote artists and educators in their actions towards a more racially equitable and just society.
  • Participants are required to actively participate in each session.
  • Participants will complete a final racial equity project.
  • Participants will share their reflections and takeaways (video or written form).

Join us for our next BREAD workshop, Rollin’ in the Dough: Money, Movement & Racial Equity, on December 9, 2023 via Zoom. Register for the event here.

Meet our Past and Present BREAD BAKERS (BREAD Advisory Committee)

ClancyWorks Dance Company is represented on the artist rosters of

Dance Educators Training Institute

What is the Dance Educators Training Institute (DETI)?

We believe that outstanding teaching takes place when educators are passionate and engaged in their own artistic growth. ClancyWorks Dance Company and Baltimore County Public Schools Office of Music and Dance Education co-present an intensive professional development program for artists teaching dance, called the Dance Educators Training Institute (DETI). These summer workshops are designed to enable participants to delve deeper into their artistic pursuits and enhance their pedagogical techniques in a challenging and supportive environment.

Sessions are open to the public, with a particular interest to serve choreographers, performers, highly experienced dance educators, and teaching artists who are just beginning to work in the field of dance education. Administrators and participants from various arts and educational disciplines are invited and encouraged to attend.

Planning for DETI 2024 is underway!

The DETI 2024 program will occur from July 30 to August 1 at the Essex campus of the Community College of Baltimore County (CCBC). Featured themes likely will include social emotional learning and the importance of building communities within dance environments. Dance styles such as African jazz perspectives, tap, and other percussion dance forms also will be included.

Additionally, DETI 2024 will incorporate a performance component for the first time, which will take place on August 2. If you want to showcase, please sign up for the event here.

Now is the time to send us your topic suggestions and ideas for DETI 2024! Contact us via the button below if you are interested in leading a session or attending the program. We look forward to hearing from you. In the meantime, look below for our schedule and send your suggestions!

What can you expect from DETI?

Want to know about previous DETI

Additional Professional Development Opportunities

Specialized Populations

We believe that everyone can benefit from the larger life lessons found in dance and movement. No matter what population you represent, we can work with them to achieve goals of greater knowledge, awareness, creativity and community. Our workshops teach important skills and provide experiences that stimulate new ways of thinking, as well as creativity, tolerance, collaboration and wider perception.

Public School Teachers

Young people love to move, and dance can be a fantastic way to incorporate movement into the classroom and teach students academic subjects as well as larger life lessons like teamwork, tolerance, creativity, focus, and self-esteem.

Our professional development sessions create an environment where educators of all levels can share tools to create lesson plans that address current learning skills.


Corporations, businesses and other organizations often face challenges developing morale, teamwork, and creative thinking with their employees. 

ClancyWorks partners with corporate groups to develop events, using dance and movement to address issues facing the organization as well as workshops to better understand organizational partnering.

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