As ClancyWorks teaching artists and dancers, we also offer engaging residencies and workshops during the school day, tailored to the individual needs of each school, classroom and teacher, with a focus on arts integration, partnering into performance or choreographic commissions.

Reading, writing, arithmetic. These logic and linguistics-based subjects are the backbone of today’s educational curriculum but studies show that they are often complemented by the use of creative artistic subjects, like dance to enhance academic subject understanding and knowledge.

ClancyWorks’ dance professionals work with teachers and school administrators to craft a tailored in-school residency plan based on our highly successful ASPIRE program to help students achieve greater academic knowledge, build community awareness, and social skills, increase attendance and improve focus.

Our approach to K-12 dance residencies and workshops allows students to become conscious and engaged citizens, using dance as a vehicle for success and transformation.

ClancyWorks classes demonstrate that dance can be used to:


Acquire Knowledge


Solve Conflicts


Partner to accomplish greater goals


Improve academic achievement


Respect self, others, and the environment


Embrace community and diversity

Our residencies have an arts integration focus (when dance is taught with academics) or a performance focus (through partnering experiences and choreographic commissions).

The program kicks off with a performance by ClancyWorks Dance Company, and continues with a series of classes based on a tailored curriculum plan, created in partnership with the teachers. Students learn technique, vocabulary, and history and culture for different styles of dance including hip hop, step, jazz, contemporary modern dance, partnering and Latin dance. Students apply this knowledge to create and perform meaningful movement patterns. Additionally, the classes highlight leadership such as the importance of community, teamwork, collaboration, and positive group interactions through dance partnering. The program culminates with an informal performance showcase by the students, for family, fellow students, teachers, administration and community members.

Key Applications of a ClancyWorks Residency
Program or Workshop


Incorporates specific academic curriculum objectives with dance linked to national and state standards.


Uses movement exercises and dialogue to teach students that partnering with others can help them accomplish greater goals than they could individually. Students are showcased in final performance.


A ClancyWorks Company Member works with students to create a dance piece incorporating ClancyWorks partnering techniques and repertory.

We tailor our residency programs to the needs and circumstances for each school and classroom.

We also offer our ASPIRE dance program approach in an afterschool program format. Contact us today to arrange a residency dance program, led by ClancyWorks professional dancers and using our highly acclaimed ASPIRE program, for your students today! ClancyWorks staff can assist your school to identify grants and funding to make this program possible.

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