Contemporary senior living environments focus on creating stimulating communities for their residents, which is why ClancyWorks’ Seniors Organize with the Arts to Rejuvenate (SOAR) is such an important program.

Bring your seniors an unforgettable dance experience!

ClancyWorks’ unique dance program for seniors has therapeutic as well as physical benefits, providing a comfortable setting for revisiting and attempting new movements with laughter and socialization to enhance the overall quality of life. Each workshop is designed with the latest brain research in mind, creating an environment in which participants can excel, as well as structuring movement exercises that help to build and renew connections in the brain and rest of the body.

“Our participants really enjoy your dance workshops. You are always smiling and your enthusiasm is contagious!”

Louise Schneider, Activity Leader of Kensington Club (Division of the Jewish Council for the Aging)

“Everyone loves your classes. ClancyWorks is a hit! Thank you for your careful planning and energetic demeanor. You have really created a great series for them.”

Colleen Kemp, Manager of Kensington Club (Division of the Jewish Council for the Aging)

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Persons at all levels of agility, from fully ambulatory to those with walkers and wheelchairs, can participate in the ClancyWorks seniors dance program. Each movement session includes exercises to foster effective brain stimulation, body coordination and therapeutic benefits.

Past senior participants have shared a variety of positive comments on their enjoyment of the ClancyWorks program and memories of their own past experiences that resurfaced during the program. One individual stated that the performances were “nothing short of amazing!” In another workshop, a senior expressed her feelings through a drawing she created, which was inspired by the dancers.

Overall, our program physically and mentally improves the individual well-being of the participants and helps to foster social connections among senior citizens within a community.

ClancyWorks senior dance programs include a performance or demonstration by the ClancyWorks Dance Company, as well as a series of regular classes, in senior centers, resident communities and other appropriate settings. The Company’s work is particularly notable for its innovative and dynamic partnering work. This unique partnering work is not only an aesthetic statement, but also a source of powerful images that embrace diversity and exemplify trust. We work with a range of group sizes, and with a range of budgets to meet the needs of your seniors.

“The excitement for movement was incredible. During the workshops, people were moving what they could, many with wheelchairs, walkers, and canes. For many, the performance was their first experience of live dance.”

Chuck Thornton, Director of Marketing & Development at B’nai B’rith Homecrest House

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